Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Myself and The Comedian as Santana and Sue Sylvester. Clearly he loves me if he was willing to dress as a woman.  Hope you all had a Gleeful Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Strike One

Five tests and one period later, I'm not pregnant.

I really thought I was because my period was 4 days late and the last two pregnancy tests I took came back with questionable results.
Oh well. We'll try again once the great red flood finishes. Which by the way, isn't as awful as I remember it from when I was 18. But definitely worse than the 18 years since.

The silver lining in all this is I get to drink my face off at the Halloween party we are hosting tomorrow night. Oh Jack, how I've missed you!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I haven't had the greatest experience interacting with the executive assistant to the CEO. She thinks she's the boss of all us administrative assistants. She's condesending, rude and a bitch. She rarely smiles and frankly, I hope she gets fired one day sooner rather than later.

I have a feeling someone has talked to her and told her to smarten the hell up.  Take a look at the last two email threads I've received from her.

From: VP
Sent: October-17-11 11:20 AM
To: GP; DM; NR; JT; AS; SK; MM

Cc: SK; KS; AS; Paprika Spice; KJ
Subject: Vacation Requests

Good morning,

This is just a note to ask that you please add LA and me as attendance coordinators when you send vacation requests.

Thank you!

President's Office Manager

From: Paprika Spice
Sent: October-17-11 12:11 PM
To: VP
Subject: RE: Vacation Requests

Will you forward me JT’s requests after they’ve been approved?

From: VP
Sent: October-17-11 12:14 PM
To: Paprika Spice
Cc: LA

Subject: RE: Vacation Requests

LOL! Will do.

I have copied LA so she knows too...VP

From: VP
Sent: October-18-11 2:18 PM
To: SB
Cc: LA; KS; LH; AM; EM; Paprkia Spice; DS
Subject: RE: Finance Dept and the United Way

Hi All,

SB and I talked and I have also spoken to RM. We’ve decided to not go ahead with the 50/50 draw. We will continue with the Cook-off/Buffet, Bake Sale and Candy Gram...VP

From: Paprika Spice
Sent: October-18-11 3:45 PM
To: VP
Subject: RE: Finance Dept and the United Way

I have returned the money to M. She was my only customer for 50/50.


From: VP
Sent: October-18-11 3:48 PM
To: Paprika Spice
Subject: RE: Finance Dept and the United Way

LOL! Thanks Paprika!

Why is she laughing out loud at my responses? I have a feeling she doesn't know the meaning of LOL but has seen people use it, and figures this is the way to be perceived as a kinder and gentler executive assistant.

She ain't fooling me. I'll be LOLing when the door hits her on her ass on the way outta here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

To Add or Not To Add

I have only a handful of coworkers as friends on Facebook. As much as I would like to think the people I spend 8 hours a day with are my friends, I've learned the hard way they are in fact, not.
I have always been a person who will hand you my trust from the moment we meet. And then at some point shortly thereafter, my trust will be shattered and I'm left picking up the pieces.

As I've moved from job to job, I've been putting myself out there less and less. It took me a whole year at my present position before I even considered adding anyone from work to Facebook.

Soooo, last night I got a friend request from one of my managers. While I don't report directly to him, the bulk of the work I do is for him.

I am at a loss as what to do. He and his wife (who is another coworker) came to my wedding, so we're good enough "friends" that I wanted him there. But I don't want him to know that I go on Facebook during the day. And I certainly don't want him to see my rants when I'm having a bad day at work.

My gut is telling me it's a bad idea to add him, even on limited access. But my heart is telling me that he likes me and wants to be my friend.

What do you guys think?