Monday, April 9, 2012

Half Way There

I am officially 20 weeks into my pregnancy. Things I have learned so far:
  • It goes by really fast
  • It goes by really slow
  • Heartburn is insane and I'm sorry for all those who have ever had it
  • The baby enjoys kicking my cervix
  • My hormones are out of control and my husband may divorce me sometime in the next 20 weeks
  • I should have bought maternity bras from the beginning, and not just from the beginning of my pregnancy, from the time I hit the DD mark in grade 13
  • My boobs do not fit into any tops anymore - I may just have to wear moo moos from here on in.
  • The hair on my head has not grown thicker or faster, but the hair under my arms has
  • Everyone*** has an opinion about anything regarding my pregnancy
  • I still cannot wrap my head around the fact there is someone inside of me - SOMEONE WHO IS NOT ME! Mind = blown
*** Everyone except my own brothers. They don't give a shit about their niece or nephew. They have not physically seen me since Christmas and have not once in the time since asked me how I or the baby are doing. I am really hurt by this. And given my current emotional state, I am at the point where I am going to cut them out of my life for good. I don't want to be disappointed any further by them or their (expletives removed) wives.

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