Thursday, December 30, 2010


I have the flu.

*cue sympathy violins*

I'm not surprised I have something, given the ridiculous stress and anxiety moving has brought on.

For the first time since in a long time, I barfed from sickness rather than alcohol poisoning.

Happy effing new year to me.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ever since I had my wallet stolen, I've become this super paranoid person whenever I'm walking on the street or riding the subway.

I was walking back to the office from my lunch break, when a little old Asian lady tapped me on the shoulder as I stood on the corner waiting for the light to change.

I jumped about 50 feet in the air!! When I finally figured out I wasn't being assaulted, I realized she was asking me directions to an address written on a piece of paper she was holding.

As I leaned over to take a look at the address, I noticed her little old husband move in closer to take a look as well.

Turns out they were only a block off the mark and I sent them on their merry way.

And then I checked my pockets to make sure my wallet and Blackberry were still there.

GAH!! I hate being so hypersensitive! It's one thing to be careful, and it's another thing to be freaked out whenever a human being talks to me.

I hope the new idyllic life I'll be living in St. Catharines will bring me down out of the tree I've climbed into.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Call

This is the end of the road folks. My last weekend as a resident of the Tdot has come to a close. Three more sleeps and I'm gonzo!

Friday night was spent at dinner with my department. Of all the IT shops I've worked in, my coworkers are definitely the coolest cats. We ate at a great place on the Danforth called Mezes. I ate like a pig, which isn't always a good thing, especially when you've got a gig to do immediately afterwards.

As dinner was wrapping up, a lot of people looked too tired and too full to continue east to my gig.

I've grown a thick skin when it comes to people bailing on my gigs. It always starts with, "Oh of course I'll be there!!" But then usually around an hour or two before showtime, I get a ton of "Oh man, I can't go because (insert excuse here)."

And it's okay. I know live music ain't everyone's bag, and it's getting close to the holidays, blah blah blah. So I was totally prepared for zero work peeps to show up.

I left the restaurant about 20 minutes before I was due on stage to start the show (which resulted in a slew of texts from my boys wondering where the heck I was!) resigned in that I'd be singing to the bar flies and the staff. One of my managers was nice enough to give me a lift to the bar. (He couldn't make it to my show as he had family coming in from out of town that night.)

I was helping the boys set up when two of my coworkers showed up. YAY! I immediately bounded over to them to say hello, even though we had just seen each other twenty minutes earlier.

After I finished thanking them for actually showing up, I went back to the stage.

And then about ten minutes later, something happened that has never happened to me in the four years I've been playing with my band.

The rest of my coworkers arrived in one big group!

I think my heart just about burst out of my chest when I saw the twelve of them walk in.

In my mind I was screaming, "You like me! You really like me!" I can only imagine how big the smile was on my face.

They all stayed for a set and a half, which was even more than I could have hoped for. I totally rocked out and they were all duly impressed. :D

As awesome as Friday night was, Saturday night's show was a complete bust. Aside from The Comedian, not one friend showed up. Zero.


So much for my big send off. Gah.

The Comedian suggested we rethink who we invite to our wedding. If my friends can't find an hour to come say goodbye to me, maybe they would just bail on our wedding too. And that would end up costing us $$$.

In spite of the fact that none of my friends came, we still had a freaking amazing show. The place was packed so it wasn't like no one was there. I told the crowd this was my last weekend in the city and nothing would make me happier than to watch them rock the dance floor. And they did not disappoint!

This afternoon The Comedian and I went to a performance of The Messiah at Roy Thomson Hall, with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. My coworker is in the choir, so it was extra super cool to be there.

I cried a few times during the show. I think it was a combination of the extraordinary performance and the fact that this would be my last show as a resident of the city. From now on, I'll have to make special plans to catch a musical or see the symphony.

I just sent The Comedian home with a car load of stuff. (Gawd, I have a lot of stuff!) Next time, I'll be in the car with him. And that thought cuts through all the sadness around leaving this city for good.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Sometimes, I just cannot hear what someone is saying.

I have found in the new office, it's even harder for me to hear. It's a half-wall cubicle farm. So there are no tall walls off which one's voice will bounce into my ears. Instead the sound just keeps travelling across the floor.

Coworker: Asd;fasdlkjf?

Me: Pardon?

Coworker: Areasd ljing afwe safmorro?

Me: Excuse me?

Coworker: Are. You. Going. To. Be. In. Tomorrow?

Me: Yup.

I hate to say it but I think it's time I start looking into a hearing aid.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Just Work Here

Okay, I know that I'm the bottom rung in my department, but sometimes I just want to climb up a few and smack the people who are higher up than me.

I am an assistant, not their fucking mother.

If someone can't fill in their name on the form that is going to give them overtime pay, then I believe the pay should come directly to me, since I'm the one stuck filling in the pertinent information.

I know exactly how much each person in my department makes. And it makes me sick that the ones who are making $40K/year more than me don't know how to fill in their name on a fucking form!

Is it 5pm yet?


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm a Winner!

We had a door decorating contest at work yesterday and my department WON! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

I'm especially proud as I was the one who came up with the idea for the company to have the contest.

I was also the one who drew our prize - a gift card to the LCBO.

Clearly I am able to find booze, no matter what form it takes. :D

Friday, December 10, 2010

Future Forward

My soon-to-be-sister-in-law told me she's already made her hair appointment for my wedding.

My good friend @CaptainBrownCow told me she's already found the shoes she will be wearing to my wedding.

I think everyone else is way more excited about my pending nuptials than I am.

It's nice to have something to look forward to. :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pink Collar Published

My friend Leslie had an article published in the Globe and Mail.


Brava bella!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All He Was Saying

Maybe in some alternate universe, he is still making music.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Set

We've set a date and booked the reception hall. Here is a photo of where we will be rocking the night away.

It's soooooooooo pretty in person. From the moment I walked in, I knew this was *the* place.