Saturday, May 19, 2012

100 Days

There are lots of things that 100 days can refer to.  For me, the next 100 days will forever be the last 100 days before becoming a mom.

I'm light years from my last major countdown. One section of that post really resonates with me.

"Twelve months ago, the beginning of the end arrived. It was June 2007 when everything started to unravel at a speed I couldn't manage. Watching my life dissolve before my very eyes was overwhelming to say the least.

And now sitting here, with twelve months in between that life and this life, all I can do is breathe. Big breath in, and all of it out. My life is better, but not. My outlook is clear, but fuzzy. My hope for the future is there, but not at all. Conundrum. I never really understood the weight of that word until now."

I'm sitting here with 5 years in between that life and this life. And all I can do is smile.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Magic Moments

The Comedian felt the baby kick for the first time this morning, at 10:26am to be precise.

We were lying in bed and the baby started moving. I took his hand and placed it on my stomach.

"Did you feel that?"



"Oh, did you feel that one?"


"Did you feel...."


That was one of the most amazing moments of my life. Absolutely magical.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

But He Was So Hot In My Head

I'm responsible for ordering software at work through a third-party reseller. My rep Standley (yes, his parents put a "d" where it didn't belong) is totally awesome and helpful and has a super smooth, dare I say sexy, telephone voice. I always enjoy placing orders with him because his voice is so nice AND he laughs at all my jokes.

In my mind, I imagined him to be about my age with blonde hair, blue eyes, fit and wearing a snappy suit with an equally snappy tie every day.

We've often talked about our personal life, so he knows about when I got married and now that I'm expecting. He shared the story of his daughter being born at home, and what an amazing experience it was for him and his wife.

Recently, his office moved to using Lync, for their telecom solution which makes bugging him for follow up on software orders so much easier. Lync is like MSN chat on steroids. We've been using Lync for about a year now so it's awesome when I can contact people outside of my organization.  One of the many features Lync offers is video calling.

So when Standley initiated a video call today, I was excited to finally put a face to the voice I've been talking to for almost two years. I also didn't think twice to answer it, even though I was working from home in my PJs, wearing my old glasses, with total bed head. It's my buddy Standley after all. I KNOW HIM.

Yeah, I don't know him because the guy on the other end wasn't the guy in my head. The guy on the other end looked like this:

Yup. That's the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. And that is also Standley. Seriously, I think Matt Groening knows Standley and created the character in his spitting image.

I don't think I have ever been that disappointed in seeing someone for the first time. Actually, I do remember a guy I met online back in like 2002 who had a great photo and was awesome to talk to on the phone, but when we met in person, his forehead was a big bubble. Truly a BIG BUBBLE HEAD. So big that I couldn't stop staring at it. I just could not figure out how in all of his pictures, there was no bubble. Maybe he was a master at an early version of Photoshop.

I'm sad I know what Standley looks like. I want this guy back:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

For Once, It Isn't Me!

The Comedian is still sick!! He has been coughing so hard he's strained a muscle in his chest. I shipped him off to the walk-in clinic earlier this morning, where they determined he's got bronchitis! He really should have gone last week to take care of it, but you know how men are - all macho and shit. He has a shiny bottle of antibiotics now. I hope he fully recovers before my brother's wedding this weekend!

While I'm still sniffling, I have managed to escape succumbing to bronchitis the way I usually do when I get a cold. I think the baby has given me some sort of elevated immunity powers to fight off the infection. What a good baby.