Sunday, February 7, 2010

T-minus One

I love my friends!
I love my friends!
I love my friends!

Yesterday was totally awesome. We got up early-ish and went for manicures & pedicures. @CaptainBrownCow handed out little gift bags when we got there. They had all sorts of awesome goodies inside, including a mud mask, a pair of moisturizing socks and a bottle of K-Y! I think the girls at the nail salon were wondering what sort of drugs we were on while opening up the gift bags. I was dying laughing!

After getting our nails done, we hit the mall for some window shopping and a food court lunch. The ladies all got Thai and I indulged in some KFC! Oh yeah!

Then it was off to the spa for a much needed massage. OMG I was passed out cold on the massage table. I think I scared my massage therapist a bit because at one point she asked if I was okay. I was so ridiculously relaxed I probably looked dead to her.

After begrudgingly waking up, it was back to the hotel to get all dolled up for a night out. We hit an all you can eat sushi place and stuffed ourselves retarded. We were seriously debating calling it a night at that point, but Beaner rallied us and we headed off to the club.

We ended up at Tailgate Charlie's, which is a bar I used to go to back in my university days. It really brought back a lot of fuzzy, drunk memories. There was an awesome band playing and the place was packed. I was so full from dinner that I only managed to suck back one drink the entire night, but it didn't matter because I was having fun shaking my money maker for all it was worth.

Birthday Weekend Night Two = SUCCESS!

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