Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And The Winner Is

I know there are still two days left on the poll to vote for my dress. However, after last night's rehearsal, the choice was made for me by my instructor.

She said specifically that the ladies should NOT wear floor length dresses as we will most definitely trip. She even said that professional ballroom dancers never wear floor length gowns in competition for that very reason.

So with 58% of the vote, Dress #2 is the winner!!!!

I bought my tiara over the weekend and it's really cute. It kinda looks like the picture below only not as thick, and without the row of jewels at the bottom or the giant jewel at the top.

I'm also 90% sure that I will end up sitting at the same table as Mr. David. I spoke with the receptionist at the school and explained to her that the only people I know going to the Ball are the people in my class. So she brought this to the owner's attention and she made a note beside my name to seat me with my classmates. Hurrah!

Only 4 more days until this Cinderella makes her debut!

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