Saturday, January 8, 2011

Costume Fitting

Today would have been my 5th wedding anniversary. In honour of the occasion, I tried on my wedding dress, just to see if it still fits.

To my absolute delight, it still fits perfectly - except in the chest. I think my boobs are probably at least a full cup size larger. At this rate, they'll probably be at my knees by 2016.

The Comedian helped me with the zipper and I managed to mash my boobs into it.

"You look gorgeous!"

Awwww. :)

I love that he isn't at all freaked out by the fact that I was trying on my former wedding dress. He sees it the same way I do - a really pretty dress that I happen to have worn when pledging my life long commitment to another man.

Ha! Yet another reason why The Comedian is totally awesome.

After doing a few twirls, I pulled it off and put it back into its bag.

It's such a great dress. Too bad I actually can't wear it anymore. I've put it downstairs in the basement with the rest of my costumes. We've got a closet dedicated to all my Halloween costumes. I've dubbed it "The Costume Shoppe". Yes, shoppe - like an old tyme shoppe.

So if anyone ever needs a really great floor-length red satin dress, I've got one you can totally wear. As long as your boobs are as big as mine were in 2006.

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