Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Proof I've Grown Up

I had lunch today with two of my good friends whom I met in my first year of university back in 1994.  We were party girls for the four years we went to school, and every summer for 10 years after we graduated. We would go up north for an extended weekend and just drink and dance and drink and puke and drink and pass out and drink again. I'm surprised none of us have a) ever been seriously injured during one of our binges and b) required liver transplants.

Since those party days, both of these girls have gotten jobs relocating them to places all over the world. One is a teacher in the UK and the other is a physiotherapist in Haiti. Occasionally the stars align just right and they end up back in Ontario for just long enough to have a few hours together. Today was one of those days.

If you had told me back then that today I would be having lunch with these girls and their kids and that I am in my final trimester of pregnancy, I would have asked you to pass me whatever it was you were drinking because that must be some damn good booze to have a hallucination like that!

But it did happen. And here's the proof.

The whole time I was with them, I was having an out-of-body experience. It's just not possible that we all grew up, got married, got jobs, and got kids. WTF happened to the girls who wore itty bitty dresses to the bar, drank and danced and drank and then didn't remember how they got home?

Now we're girls who talk about pregnancy and the transition to mommy hood and breastfeeding and the best toys for teething and explosive poop. I almost passed out when both of them whipped out their boobs to feed their respective babies. I've seen their boobs before (did I mention how drunk we used to get?) but never with a baby latched on.

This picture is going to blow my mind for a good long time. 

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