Thursday, July 12, 2012

Showered with Love

My team organized a very lovely shower at work today. I knew they were planning this because they approached me and asked what day I would like to have it. And they know me well enough that they know I don't like surprises. And really, who would ever think surprising a pregnant lady is a good thing?

Although I knew it was coming, I was still surprised with all of the wonderful details they took the time to plan. And I was really surprised with the of people who showed up, there was at least one person from every department across the organization.

My boss, the CIO, lead the festivities. He gave a power point presentation with the results of a poll that was conducted. It was so funny and so totally cute. It had questions like is the baby a boy or girl, will s/he be born with no hair or hair like Elvis, and which Glee character will the baby be most like (answer was Mercedes).

They also presented me with a cake, a wonderful card that was signed by seemingly everyone and a crib bedding set. They also had Elvis playing in the background as we ate and chatted.

I cried when I got back to my desk. The love and support from my team and others in the organization was totally overwhelming. I honestly didn't expect so much love from everyone.

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