Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Full Circle

Working at a private film college is a lot of fun. Especially when the students ask you to be in their films. I've been cast in a short film, which is one of their final projects, to play the wife of the main character who is a writer.

The students remarked they were having a "hard time" finding someone who was "old enough" to play opposite me.

After I gently reminded them I can change all their grades to zero, I told them I'd go through my mental Rolodex of male friends who can act.

Within two seconds, Brian popped in my mind. I emailed him and asked if he'd come for an audition - he said yes, of course.

When he showed up, I introduced him to the students and told them how we've known each other since grade school, and how he was also my first stage kiss.

Of course, Brian nailed the audition and now he's gonna be my onscreen hubby.

In my mind, it's the conclusion to the story that started 20 years ago with a first kiss. I'm so glad they lived happily ever after.

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  1. It's all about moving on girl.... this is the start of a new chapter and it's got a great start! :-)