Friday, August 13, 2010


The Comedian sends me emails/texts/Facebook posts constantly through out the day. He clearly knows the value of communication.

In those messages, he refers to me as his girlfriend. "Good morning, my gorgeous girlfriend!" "How's my girlfriend doing?" "I can't wait to see you my beautiful girlfriend!!!"

My brain sees that word and doesn't understand it. I haven't been someone's girlfriend since 2005 when I started seeing my ex-husband.

A handful of friends have sent me FB messages asking who the dude is in my profile picture.

"Oh that's The Comedian."

"Is he your boyfriend?"

The word boyfriend bends my brain even harder than the word girlfriend.

So I have to practice my answer. "Yes, he's my boyfriend." "Yup, that fellow is indeed my boyfriend."

I haven't typed that word in so long that my fingers don't quite know what order they should be moving in along the keyboard.

Boy. Friend. Boyfriend. B.O.Y.F.R.I.E.N.D.

It still looks like such a strange word to me.

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