Saturday, February 11, 2012

RIP x 2

My birthday party was a complete disaster. Exactly two friends showed up. Everyone else cancelled because of the weather.

It hasn't snowed all winter (and people question the effects of global warming) until today. All fucking day. We got about a foot dumped on us. And then the emails and texts started coming in. "Sorry!" "I'll make it up to you!" "It's crazy out there!"

YEAH WHATEVER. This is Canada and seriously people, with a little effort and caution, you could have made it! How did you survive every other winter up until now?!

The two friends who did show up got to see me in full pouting glory. Chalk it up to a combination of pregnancy hormones and memories of failed birthdays from my childhood.

And the icing on my birthday cake? Whitney Houston went and died.  So whatever life was left in my party died when the news broke.

I'm officially moving my birthday to August 8th.

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