Monday, June 14, 2010

3 for 1

I think hell froze over again.

Since my post about being 5'4", my Plenty of Fish account has been in overdrive. I've had more messages in the last two weeks than in the last 2 years combined. I almost can't keep up with the flood of messages.

The only thing I did was change my profile picture. Everything else is the same.

Yesterday was supposed to be a day where I recovered from my gig the night before. (Which was AWESOME!) However, it turned into a day of dates.

First date was a PoF guy who met me for coffee. He's 28, works as a tax consultant and is from Russia. Yes, he's got the sexy Russian accent. :)

He came to my neighbourhood and we sat at my local Starbucks. (I would have preferred Second Cup but oh well, that's what he wanted.) We chatted for an hour and a half. Not bad eh? There were a few moments of silence where neither one of us knew what to say but overall I would say it was a really good first meeting. I wouldn't call it a date as we'd never met before. We parted with a hug and he said he'd phone me. So we'll see if we do have a real first date.

The second date happened later in the evening at the open jam I go to most Sundays. I didn't even realize it was turning into a date because the guy is my friend. He's also Maltese like me, so we have a lot to talk about that only Maltese people understand. Okay...that's not really true. I was just trying to make it like we're in some exclusive club but I can't pull one over on my faithful bloggers. :)

We ended up singing 3 songs together and it was totally awesome! He's got a really good voice and he does kick ass harmonies. We've never sung together before so it was a pleasant surprise that we could read each other well enough to know who was doing what part.

Afterwards, he asked me out to dinner. I told him I'd have to think about it. He's in the process of breaking up with his long time girlfriend. The reason for the break up - she wants kids, he doesn't, period. So I'm definitely not going to go out with him until he's broken up with his girlfriend. But then if he actually does break up with her, why would I bother investing time in a guy who I know doesn't want kids?

The third date wasn't really a date, but it was someone who's shown interest in me before. The Brit from last summer. He and his workmates stopped in after their shift. They all work at the comedy club which is downstairs from the bar.

While I was up singing with the Maltese guy, I noticed the Brit dancing. After I was finished I went to say hello and he grabbed me and started hugging me and kissing my cheek.

We danced together for a while (He lifted me up and twirled me around at one point. He's a strong guy.) and chatted about what we'd been up to over the last year. Did I mention it's been a YEAR since we last saw each other?!?!

I told him I had to leave and he leaned in and said, "You know I still fancy you." Then he kissed my face again. Yup. Another one with a GIRLFRIEND fancies me. Geez.

He said to send him a message through Facebook and we'd go out to dinner, as friends of course. Whatever. I'll believe that when it happens. I think that's what was supposed to happen last summer too.

For a Sunday, I tallied a nice score: 1 Russian, 1 Maltese & 1 Brit.

I'm so multicultural. :)

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  1. Well my dear friend I guess when it rains, it pours. Hopefully one of these boys will be at least good enough for a date or two before they turn into a creepy, poking, staring weirdo;)