Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Stage

Here is my fortune from the cookie that came after Sunday night's dinner with my Dad.

I only wish I knew how to create my own stage. I would love nothing more than to write, act and sing for a living.

I feel like I've been banging my face against the proverbial stage door for over 10 years now. No matter what I do, I just can't seem to get that break into the biz.

Everyone who's ever seen me act or sing marvel at how totally awesome I am at it. They all say the same thing, "You should be doing this for a living."



I don't want to wake up one morning, look in the mirror and realize I'm 50 and I haven't lived out my dreams.

I'm happy to take any and all suggestions....except for porn. No thank you to that.


  1. Many years ago a wise man asked me a question: Do you want to write or to be a writer? It took me years to figure out what he meant.

    I have spent 35 years writing and have written over 4,000 poems. I am unknown and only a hand full of people know my work. I have been published in magazines and have published my own books.

    I have spent a life time writing but I am not a writer. Some writers write very little after they are rich and famous. They play at being a writer. Think of Truman Capote. He wrote very little after In Cold Blood.

    Do you want to write or be a writer? Do you want to sing or be a singer? Do you want to act or be an actor?

    How many actors after they have made it big, stop doing great acting?

    We all dream of making a living from our art? Sometimes it is not to be, but that should not stop you from performing your art.

    The fortune cookie said to create your own stage. Maybe you have been banging on the wrong doors. Not all acting leads to Hollywood.

  2. You should do another fringe show! Or keep looking for amateur productions. Or what about taking a 2 week holiday from work and going to LA and NYC and just go to as many open calls as possible?

    Sorry, I don't have better advice!