Saturday, May 1, 2010


The results of my x-ray:

Transverse lucent defect is seen through the proximal end of the third and fourth metatarsal bones in keeping with non-displaced hairline fractures. Remaining bones, joints and soft tissues are normal.

In English: It's broken, dumb dumb.


I guess my enthusiasm in working on my Paso routine didn't sit well with my foot. I'm sidelined for a minimum of two weeks now. Luckily I'm in a walking cast for the time being. I'll be getting another x-ray and if that shows the all clear, then I'm free. If not, they will slap on the plaster cast and I'll be sentenced to walking on crutches for SIX weeks. YEESH!

The doctor was pretty shocked that I've been walking around on a broken foot for about two weeks now. I told him I have a ridiculously high pain threshold. This isn't the first time I've shocked people with my tolerance for pain. It took me three days before I went to a doctor about my appendix.

I also impressed my tattoo artist as I didn't even flinch when I got "never again" tattooed on my rib cage. She told me she's tattooed 300lb. guys in the same place and they've either burst into tears or threatened to punch her out because they were in so much pain. She actually said to me, "Be careful because you may not know if you've broken something". Looks like she was right.

The only real thing that hurts in all of this is my heart. I was so sad that I had to drive myself to the doctor, and then to the hospital. I tried phoning Mrs. Magnolia and a few other people to see if they were available to keep me company but no one was answering.

It made me flash forward to when I'm 80 and I've fallen and broken my hip. Will I still have to drive myself to the hospital? Will I still be alone at that age?

I really hope not. :(


  1. I will drive you to the hospital when you are 80:)

  2. When you're 80, I'll pick you up on my bicycle and take you to the hospital in the basket. ;)