Thursday, April 29, 2010


Gah! After posting yesterday about being restricted/deleted, I found out 3 more people have put me on a limited profile, and one guy just flat out deleted me!

WHAT. THE. FUCK?! Seriously! I just don't get what the hell I did to these people!

The guy who deleted me accepted my friend request over TWO YEARS AGO! We've had minimal FB contact but whatever!

And the worst part is I keep finding this shit out because I'm trying to leave HAPPY BIRTHDAY messages!!!! How's that for a kick in the pants?

Honestly, this is driving me crazy to the point where I just want to shut off Facebook permanently.

The only reason I won't is because it's an essential tool to promote my band and other artsy stuff that I do.

And when I become famous, it'll be awesome to stick it to those who restricted or deleted me. Turn around is fair play I hear....


  1. Sweetie, don't take it too personally, I do a bi-annual Facebook cleanse all the time! If I realize I rarely talk to someone on my list or think maybe I don't want them to see every single photo I post or all my annoying Mafia Wars updates (hehe), then I just delete them. It doesn't mean I don't like them, it just means I don't really NEED 200 friends, it's not personal at all! It's just a fun online community and some people aren't so into it. Are you also sure they deleted you and not just their entire account?

    Anyway, don't worry - your REAL friends who luv you will never delete you. :) Who cares about peripherals?

  2. Yup, it was a deletion. Because when I pulled up his page, it had the "Add as Friend" button beside his name.

    I know I shouldn't take it so personally but I'd at least like a reason. It could very well be just a simple clean up. Or it could be he suddenly hates my guts. The point is that I'd like to know in case I did something that requires some straightening out.

  3. Hiya! I got rid of my facebook a few months ago. It was my fault - I added too many people I didn't know really well and had the kinds of issues you write about. My cousin's wife's status updates drove me up the wall (they were all about her new car, maid, wedding gown designer, etc... kind of superficial). Then she put me on limited access. I would have actually respected a deletion, to be honest. I wrote to her once - a sweet story about her new husband from when he was a kid and she never responded. Rude, and rude.

    Then I had an old friend from high school as a facebook friend. I wanted to reconnect with her - every personal message I sent was ignored. I should have deleted her, but I felt guilty doing so because she would know!!

    I think that I would have liked to have a facebook account with no more than 30 friends on it... but I was too nice to deny the other adds and wound up with friends who were no where near the definition!

    My 2 cents - facebook is funny and kind of entertaining, but I'm happier without the irritation it caused.