Monday, April 12, 2010

Pony Up

I spoke to my student's mother last night and he's now sitting up and eating like a horse. Memory and motor still all seem to be in tact and it's looking more and more like he will be discharged on Wednesday. All is pointing towards him making it to grad on Saturday!! :)

In other good news, I got the results back for Chuck. He's a lump o' nothin'. Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus. Now I'm just waiting for the results of my pap. Hopefully that will be a big-bag-o-negatory and life will go on.

Today is the first day, in like forever, that I'm wearing my hair up in a pony tail in public. I'm finally not ashamed to expose the back of my neck.

Sorry Chuck, but you suck. I quite like the scar that's taken your place.

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