Sunday, April 25, 2010


I'm sick. Ugh.

I've been asleep most of the day. I woke up an hour ago from a nightmare. I dreamt I had called in sick and late in the day, I was feeling better so I stopped into the office to check on things. I discovered my office had been packed up by my boss. There was a sticky note addressed to someone named Eva who apparently would be replacing me.

I went out to the receptionist and asked where my boss was. I was told he stepped away only moments before I arrived.

I ran back into my office and started grabbing as much of my stuff as quickly as possible. I knew I had minutes at most before his return.

I was almost finished when he came back. He saw me in my office. He came towards me and started to ask me to put everything back as it was company property.

I completely flipped out. I told him he was going to have a huge lawsuit on his hands for firing me for being sick for only a day.

I yelled and yelled at him and told him to go fuck himself. And I stomped out of there with my head held high and absolutely no fear.

The last time I dreamt about getting fired, I actually ended up being laid off within a few days of the dream. I wonder if this is my brain warning me again?

I really want to stay home and rest tomorrow, however I've got a new crop of students starting and if I am not there to do all of the important enrollment activities, I would most certainly get fired.

Oh please hear me Sweet Baby Jesus, and rid me of this plague.

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