Friday, July 9, 2010

Jesus has an iPod

I got onto the subway last night to go meet up with E, the receptionist at my dance school. As I boarded the train, I saw a heavenly vision.

It was Jesus Christ himself. He had blue eyes, long flowing hair, a full beard, was tanned and wearing a white tunic top.

Definitely the hottest guy I've ever seen. Oh. My. God.

I took a seat beside him, to bask in his glory.

I noticed he had tattoos running down his right arm. It looked like grape vines winding around and around. I snuck a peak at his chest which was hairy and tattooed as well. (For those of you don't know me, hairy chests are a huge turn on for me.)

Then I noticed a teeny, tiny iPod in his left hand.

I wonder if he was listening to The Messiah?

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