Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mambo Magic

I have a huge crush on a guy who I see at the dance studio where I take weekly lessons. He's looks to be in his early 40's, tall, blue eyes and dark wavy hair. From the moment I saw him, I fell head over heels in love.

He's usually practicing alone in the same studio where my group lesson takes place. It's either the mambo or the waltz that he's working on. I often stop paying attention to my lesson and watch him twirl around in a perfect dance hold. I imagine that it's me he's dancing with.

He's caught me staring a few times. Instead of looking away, he looks right into my eyes and smiles. That's usually when I snap back to reality, completely flustered and trying my best not to totally die from embarrassment.

Over the last few weeks, I've made it my mission to figure out his story. And being the complete chicken shit that I am, I've enlisted one of the girls in my class to help me figure it out. Seeing as she's married, she has nothing to lose and has found very clever, yet very direct ways of asking the important questions.

Question: What's his name? Answer: David.

Question: Is he married? Answer: No.

Question: Does he have kids? Answer: No.

Question: Is he gay? Answer: Still pending.

Next week is my last lesson for the term and with it, will be my last opportunity to talk to him. I've got six days to grow a pair and figure out something to say to him. A few of my friends have suggested that I ask him if he knows of any places that have ballroom dancing, where as a beginner, I wouldn't totally crash and burn. And then somehow ask him to come with me one night.

What I really want to ask him is if he would be willing to a) give me private dance lessons for cheaper than the school, and b) learn the final dance routine from Dirty Dancing and perform it with me at my birthday bash in February.

Every time I think about actually talking to him, I want to vomit. Partly because I know I suck at being a girl and doing/saying girlie things to attract men, and mostly because I don't want to get shot down like the last time I decided to ask a guy out.

If any of you have seen my self-confidence, please tell it to come home before Saturday.

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  1. Do it!! Ask him out! Who cares if he says no, at least you asked, AND it was your last lesson so you don't have to see him again. And besides, if you keep asking guys out, shouldn't it get easier at some point? And lastly, what if he says yes, and you guys fall in love and get married and have babies, only if you never ask it can never happen.