Saturday, December 19, 2009

Of Course Not

They say timing is everything.

I couldn't find Mr. David after the show last night, which was probably a blessing in disguise.

He was at the studio today. My heart skipped a few beats of course when I saw him doing his regular twirling around.

While I was congratulating my instructor on his performance last night, and Mr. David floated on over to where we were standing.

P: You were really good last night!

D: Thanks! It's Paprika right?

P: Yes!

Then he floated on back over to his corner of the studio and continued twirling around.

My class started so of course, I had to pay a bit of attention to what was going on. I noticed a few minutes into the class he was making his way to the door with his bag. He started changing shoes and putting on his coat.

My friend noticed he was leaving and she came over to me. She whispered, "Pretend you need to use the washroom and go out there and say something to him."

My heart started beating faster. My chance to talk to him was slipping away and I was paralyzed to do anything about it.

And off he went.


One of the other women in my class was his partner last night for one of his dances at the show. So I asked my friend to gently probe her to find out what his situation is.

Answer: He just got out of a long term relationship and isn't looking for anything at all right now. Not even something as casual as going out for drinks.


I'm really glad I didn't march up and ask him out. Because I think I may have actually died if he'd shot me down.

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  1. Argh! Too bad, that major sucks! I'm glad you didn't ask him out either then, but still, maybe if you become friends for now then in the end he will fall in love with you. I know I already AM in love with you and we don't even see each other ever, so I can't imagine that anyone actually in your geographical region would stand a chance.