Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Baby Jesus

Fate stepped in and forced me to talk to David.

I was scurrying off the subway this evening, late for my dance class, after a ridiculous day at work. Normally I take lessons on Saturday afternoons. But because I missed a few lessons while I was in Oz, I had some credits to use, and I chose Monday nights to jump into a tango/jive class.

It was raining tonight, and I failed to bring an umbrella with me this morning. I was clutching my shoe bag and hustling as quickly as possible to the corner of Danforth & Broadview.

Then everything slowed down as I saw him standing there, waiting for the light to change.

He was wearing a camel coloured coat, no umbrella, no hood.

My heart skipped a beat.

It was *him*.

And before I knew it, we locked eyes and my mouth opened.

P: Hi David! (arm outstretched for handshake)

D: Hi... (hand takes mine for good, sturdy handshake)

P: It's Paprika. We haven't officially met.

D: Yes, Paprika. Hi.

P: I've seen you around the studio. (pause) What a lovely rainy December night.

D: (small chuckle) Yes it is.

P: Are you heading to the studio?

D: Yes.

P: Are you in the showcase on Friday?

D: Yes I am. I'm doing a group dance and one with Nicole (his instructor).

P: Oh that's great, I'll be there! I figured you were preparing for something. I actually thought you were an instructor.

D: Oh no, no. (chuckle)

P: Really. You're a really good dancer, that's why I thought you were a teacher.

D: Oh no, but thanks.

P: How long have you been taking lessons? (Wow, this light is freaking long!)

D: Since January. I really love it.

P: A year! Wow! (The light changed, now we're crossing the street. He has really long legs and it's hard to keep up.)

D: What about you?

P: Well, I took ballroom back in university about ten years ago. Wait, that's more than ten years ago. Ah, and I took tap for about two years, but this year I decided I wanted to get back to ballroom. (Now we're climbing the stairs, and I'm getting out of breath.)

D: That's great.

P: I am in Danny's boot camp class on Saturdays, but I missed a few lessons while I was in Australia on vacation. So I picked up a few of Rebecca's classes. So I've only been here since September.

(Now we've hit the entrance to the studio)

D: Have fun tonight.

P: Thanks!

I cannot even describe the number of flips and twists my tummy was doing during that whole exchange!!! I'm just so damn proud that I didn't vomit on his shoes or faint on the stairs.

I totally stared at him during my class while he was twirling around as per usual. There were a few times we made eye contact and I totally smiled my best smile at him. :)

Okay, so step one is complete - he now knows that I exist. Step two will be to somehow figure out whether or not he's gay. I did notice tonight the gay receptionist ask David where he got his awesome sweater. (OMG, it was totally awesome, he looked very hot in it.)

Let the final countdown begin. Oh courage, where for art thou? I need you for Friday, please and thank you.

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