Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Friend JD

I feel so much better today. Three hot toddies did the trick and allowed me to regain control of my throat. It also made for a nice steady buzz in between naps. I make mine like this:

1 mug boiling hot water
1 regular tea bag put into hot water for only 30 seconds
2-3 tablespoons of natural honey
1 shot of Jack Daniels

Stir and enjoy!

My throat is still scratchy but not swollen and I could actually speak. Which I needed to do a lot today at work because apparently all hell breaks loose whenever I'm not there.

I saw BGK today. He informed me my boss had removed the computers from the staff lounge. When I approached my boss about this, I received the ever curt, "Tell him that I moved them. If he wants to use a computer, he can go to the student lounge." Ouch.

I relayed that info to my sweet BGK and he mumbled he'd just bring in his laptop. I told him that normally I'd push the issue but seeing how touchy my boss was, I didn't want to get fired. He said, "Oh they won't fire the glue." Sticky and sweet, that's me! BGK's compliment was the highlight of my day.

I'm currently sucking down a hot toddy before dance class. Mr. David is sure to be there tonight. I'm hoping I'll catch a nice buzz that will calm me down and forget about the fact that the love of my life is so close, yet so far away! Wait, I think I'm already catching that buzz... Mmmm......

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