Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Over It

Mr. David and I were the first ones in class, again. This time, armed with the courage of a shot of JD, I struck up a conversation with him during which he apologized that he couldn't remember my name. He asked me how I spelled it. I told him.

Then I asked him if he remembered the choreography from last week. He did and offered to show me. This time, my tummy remained perfectly still.

We didn't say much after we ran through the dance. I thanked him and said that I would look like a genius for our instructor and he chuckled. It was then that another one of our dance mates showed up and he practically ran over to the guy to say hello.


Then I got stuck dancing with a girl for the whole class. So much for switching partners!

At the end of class, while I was talking to one of the girls, he came over and said goodbye to her but didn't acknowledge or say good evening to me.

And in that moment, I was over him.

Yep. Blep. Done.

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