Saturday, January 30, 2010


My friend Lara phoned me yesterday afternoon with a huge surprise - tickets to the Jann Arden concert!

It turned out that her boss couldn't use her tickets so she asked Lara to take them. And Lara immediately thought to invite me along.

Little did I know, those tickets were FRONT ROW!

Jann Arden is a personal musical hero of mine. If there is one musician on earth I could be like, it would be her. She is the complete package. She has grace, style, and strength. Her music is divine. The lyrics are as if she reached into my soul and wrote about what she found there.

So getting to see her up close and personal really made for a fantastically amazing night. I laughed, I cried, and laughed some more.

Here are a few pictures of the hundreds (yes hundreds) I took last night. The first one was posed specifically for me! She saw me take out my camera (which I did after she told the audience we could take as many pictures as we wanted) and she pointed at me. She stopped and turned sideways and posed. The picture turned out all blurry even though I had on the flash because I got all nervous that she actually acknowledged my existence. I gave her a thumbs up after I took the photo and she gave me a thumbs up back!!!!

A huge thank you to Lara for picking me out of all her friends to take to the show. I just have to say this again, I love my friends. And they really love me too!

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