Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mambo Magic For Real

There were no new Mr. Davids in my Latin class last night. Just the regular old Mr. David. I don't know why I was shocked to see him. I'm pretty sure he's registered for every available class at the school because he's there all the time.

But I was still surprised seeing him as I spent the better part of a week in January trying to sort out which class to take in the hopes I'd end up in one of his. This time I didn't even have to try!

I arrived about 20 minutes early so I could chat a bit with E before class. She said everyone already misses me in Showcase. Awwww.

I plopped down on one of the couches and was surfing on my iPod when Mr. David walked in.

"Paprika! What are you doing here?"

"Oh you know, I'm just sitting around, surfing on my iPod and wearing my dance shoes just for fun. (he laughs) I had to switch out of my Friday class so now I'm here Mondays."

"That's because you can't do the Showcase right?"

"Yes. (I pretended to cry a little) I'm really sad about that. But there will be another one right?"

"That's right."

And then off he went into the studio to do his usual floating-around-by-himself routine. I surfed on my iPod some more and watched him out of the corner of my eye.

When class started, we were told that we'd be learning the Mambo. WHOO HOO! Being the biggest Dirty Dancing fan on Earth (self-proclaimed of course), I was super excited to learn the dance which made Baby & Johnny fall in love.

It's a bit tougher than I anticipated, but it was soooo much fun! And for most of the night, I danced with Mr. David.


I know I fall in and out of love with him pretty much every other post. But I just can't help being swept up by him when we dance together. He is awesome. And our dancing chemistry is undeniable.


Okay, I don't know if that's really what I wish, but I'm feeling so damn deflated from Funny Guy's lack of communication that I just need someone else to grab hold of my attention. Mr. David does just that when we dance.

I'd love to do the horizontal Mambo with him. *snicker

Anyway, as class continued, Mr. David was having trouble finding the beat. Mambo starts on the second beat of the count. I had no problem finding it seeing as I know the whole routine from Dirty Dancing (well, in my head anyway).

I could see how frustrated he was getting. It's actually a little fun to watch Mr. Perfect Dancer get the steps wrong.

At one point, we were doing alternating underarm turns, and he managed to clobber me right in the head with his arm. He laughed and then apologized in mid-turn. I should have returned the favour. Grrr.

As soon as class was over, I ran away, again. I keep wanting to ask him to go for coffee afterwards but I always chicken out. I guess if I don't ask, then he can't burst my bubble by saying no.

Ugh. I really need to find someone new. You know, like someone who'll actually want to spend time with me. And not because he's forced to during dance class.

Do you guys know anyone?

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  1. I think you should ask him out, and if it seems like he's going to say no then quickly hold a mirror up so that he'll catch his reflection. Then you can coax him to the coffee shop (or your bedroom *double snicker*) and once you get him there, like they say, the rest is magic!